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We want people to see you, not your dentistry! Ask about metal-free fillings today.

Metal-Free Fillings

Inlays, onlays, and metal-free fillings by our Woodinville dentist are now being used in place of amalgam silver/mercury fillings.

Natural Looking Restorations That Last

Many areas can be conservatively treated with direct composite resins or tooth colored fillings. If the area of decay or breakdown is too large or severe, then the option of a porcelain restoration called an inlay or onlay will be created by our lab and bonded in place to make the tooth whole again. Most patients prefer these tooth-colored restorations and are thrilled with their lasting, natural appearance versus the old Restoration

Metal-free fillings restore damaged teeth back to health and their own natural-looking appearance. For complete, comprehensive care and restorative treatment, ask our Woodinville dentist about metal-free fillings. Contact our office today!

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